Sue Sutcliffe Speaker



Cutting her teeth in traditional marketing thirty-five years ago, Sue was one of the first to recognize how lucrative digital marketing can be.

Determined to enhance the relationship-building aspects of the Internet, she delved into the world of code, website building, search engine optimization and apps long before anyone had even heard about Facebook or Twitter.

This launched her twenty-five year career as the Web Coach and the Marketing Maven. Honoured by these monikers, Sue is happy that her scorecard of firsts – and her focus on all-things-digital – has added her actual name to the shortlist of experts called by CEO’s when they want to monetize the Internet.

How has she made it onto that coveted hot list? She has quantifiable success in working with business owners and sales teams to increase sales, grow engaged customer bases and improve cash flow.

As a pioneer in her industry and a leader in the business community, Sue is a sought-after speaker and trainer whose witty, passionate and down-to-earth manner has propelled thousands of marketers, salespeople and business owners to embrace their online power, grow their networks, and drive leads.






Smart marketers understand that content marketing is a smart and economical way to create awareness, build credibility and ultimately profits, but if you’re like most, you’re frustrated by how difficult it is to get people to click and convert in this digital age.

In this interactive training session, you will discover;

  • How to get your content noticed by the right eyes,
  • How to discover content your ideal prospects will find valuable, and
  • The key elements of an effective sales page.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand;

  • Why your current content marketing plans are delivering mediocre results,
  • Three critical things you need to master, to increase the number of times people click and convert, and
  • What you need to do to increase conversion and ROI from your content marketing efforts.



10:30am – 11:45pm